308009, Russia, Belgorod, str. Korochanskaya, 132B, office 10
Phone number
+7 (4722) 421307; +7 (4722) 421307
About company
LLC "ADAMANTIS" is an exclusive supplier of high quality ADAMANTIS drive belts. The production capacities cover the assortment of belts for: agricultural machinery, special machinery, automobiles, oil industry, industry, etc.   Since 2016 ADAMANTIS belts have been supplied to Russia and have already proven their high quality. In ADAMANTIS company we think that the best advertising is the quality of the belt and its excellent results in real conditions.   In 2018, the dealer network ADAMANTIS has more than 15 dealers in Russia and the Customs Union.   ADAMANTIS belts are characterized by increased endurance and resistance to any overload. Durability and stability of the belt allows it to find new fans quickly . Therefore, ADAMANTIS is very interesting both to the user and to the trading organizations as a choice allowing to increase the efficiency of their activities.