142100, Russia, Moscow region, Podolsk, str. Komsomolskaya, 1
Phone number
+7 (4967) 555930; +7 (4967) 555930
About company
The Amazone (Germany) specializes in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment: mineral fertilizer spreaders, drills, tillage: rotary cultivators and rotary harrows and disc cultivators and harrows, planters and sprayers for plant protection. In addition, Amazone also offers special equipment for parks zones, as well as special equipment for winter works. The Amazonen Werke group includes 7 manufacturing plants located in Germany, France, Russia and Hungary, employing more than 1800 people. Plant JSC Eurotechnica (Samara) specializes in licensed production of technological complexes of Amazone machines for the Russian market. Equipment produced by JSC "Eurotechnica" are supplied through the system of federal leasing of JSC "Rosagroleasing", as well as with a subsidized discount in accordance with Government Decision No. 1432