142717, Russia, Moscow region
Phone number
+7 (495) 5323400; +7 (495) 6605749
About company
The AMB-TRUCK company specializes in the supply and sale of trucks from EUROPE (Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France). The main activity of our company is the sale of new SANTI tank semi-trailers - MENCI, as well as a wide range of second-hand tank semi-trailers from European manufacturers (MENCI, MAGYAR, MAISONNEUVE, FELDBINDER, CARDI, LAG, RICOFER, OMT, BURG, SCHERRELL KELL) transportation of the following types of products: Food tanks (water (water carriers), vegetable oil, milk (milk tankers), alcohol, molasses, etc.) Bitumen tanks (bitumen trucks, fuel oil trucks, etc.) Fuel tanks (tanks for the transportation of petroleum products: gasoline, diesel, etc.) Chemical tanks (acid products, etc.) Cement trucks (cement, mortar, etc.) New Turkish cement trucks appeared on sale Our company is certified for sales of equipment in Russia by SANTI, an Italian manufacturer of tankers for liquid bulk cargoes.