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DISTRIBUTOR WANTED - Livestock breeding in 21th century is pushing their biological envelopes. One health, one world concept puts a strong emphasis on prevention, since it is better than cure proper use of feed supplements are necessary. This revelation of 21st century as well as decades of veterinary experience drove Alpha-Vet Ltd. to develope a new generation of feed supplements. Due to their unique composition and chelatized new active ingredients they provide solutions for novel animal health challenges. - Alpha-Vet is a GMP+ and EU GMP certified, 26 year old company, develops, produces and exports products in 25 countries the following product groups: ANTIMICROBIALS - HUMIC ACID BASED FEED ADDITIVES - VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS - MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS - AMINO ACID SUPPLEMENTS - SUPPLEMENTS FOR METABOLIC DISORDERS - HUMIC ACID BASED PLANT FERTILISERS - Be our exclusive distributor partner!